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Course Name: A10 - Integrating Aboriginal Material into the History Classroom
Series: Aboriginal
Category: Curriculum
Level: Senior

Why should an educator incorporate Aboriginal material into the History classroom? This question begins our journey toward an integrated classroom. Module 1 will introduce teachers to some of the rationale for incorporating Aboriginal material into their classroom and will encourage educators to build resources to assist them in this endeavour. Educators will also be encouraged to consider how traditional Aboriginal education differs from the Western school system and how we can enhance our classrooms by incorporating some tenets of that system.

Educators often find it difficult to locate resources for teaching History from an Aboriginal point of view. This course will provide you with an interactive timeline of historical events and resources which are often absent from the History curriculum (but are very important to Aboriginal History!) This timeline can be used to re-evaluate History curriculum at the Grade 11/12 level. Module 4 will walk educators through just such an exercise! Finally, teachers will have the opportunity to create a Cultural Calendar which will tie their classrooms to their local cultures and landscapes. In the end, educators should have a better sense of what it takes and what resources are required to start integrating authentic Aboriginal material into their classroom.

Learning Expectations:
  • Students will demonstrate a knowledge of the tenets of traditional Aboriginal education.
  • Students will demonstrate how making a support structure of appropriate contacts can lead to greater success in integrating Aboriginal content into the History classroom.
  • Students will recognize and explain the importance of some central events in Aboriginal History.
  • Students will recognize areas in History curriculum where Aboriginal material will enhance the learning of History students.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding that Aboriginal material is most authentically taught when tied to the local community and land.
  • Students will recognize the yearly cycle of traditional Aboriginal life and demonstrate how they can be integrated into the classroom.
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